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Florida Organic Growers Moving Monday Campaign

Support for the formation of agricultural cooperatives in North Central Florida
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Mindful Minutes for Little Ones

Yoga Helps Kids Focus and Relax
It may not look exactly like mom and dad’s yoga, but today’s hyper-scheduled kids love a chance to breathe deep and stretch.

The Power of Friendship

It Sustains, Nourishes and Supports Us
True friendships transcend age and time, come in many flavors and make for happy and healthy lives.

Gliding Across Snowscapes

Cross-Country Ski to Explore Winter’s Wonders
It lacks the speed and intensity of downhill skiing, but that’s the charm of cross-country skiing for those that love quiet time in nature while losing weight and building muscle.

Bird-Watching for Beginners

Start with a Bird Feeder and Binoculars
Starting with a bird feeder, binoculars and app, we can thrill to the medley of birds in our backyards and wildlife refuges.
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News Briefs

Santa Fe RiverFest Needs Songwriters

Contest and fundraiser

Cinema Verde International Film Fest

The seventh annual Environmental Film and Arts Festival at the Hippodrome

Women's History Month Fundraiser

Yogathon in the Ocala Downtown Square on February 5

Motown Ledgend Spreads the Good News at Unity of Ocala

Eddie Watkins Jr. performs on February 21

National Ballet to Perform in Gainesville

Dance Alive National Ballet presents "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Herbal Conference in Lake Wales

The Fifth Annual Florida Herbal Conference

Every Child is a Cupcake

Cupcakes for Autism
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Green Goalposts

Super Bowl Eco-Stadium Gains National Spotlight

Nice Spice

McCormick Going Non-GMO

Lions Untamed

Shrine Circus Ends Wild Animal Acts

Pioneering Aspen

Ski Town Runs Entirely on Renewables

Ocean Wear

Adidas Using Plastic Ocean Debris to Make Shoes

Seeing Change

Young Children Can Unlearn Racial Stereotyping

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See More »Health Briefs

Kids Get Fewer Cavities When Mothers Chew Xylitol Gum

Reduces Oral Bacteria in Little Ones

Olive Oil Compound Kills Cancer Cells

Spares Healthy Functioning Cells

Bifidobacteria Probiotic Fends Off Colds and Flu

Supplement Leads to Fewer, Less Severe Illnesses

Kids Learn Social Skills Through Pretending and Joking

Humor and Fantasy Play Increases Interpersonal Abilities

High-Fructose Sweetener Aggravates Asthma and Bronchitis

Sugary Drink Causes Respiratory Issues

Mediterranean Diet Sustains More Youthful Brain Sizes

Foods to Support a Healthy Mind