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Archive »Educational Travel

The Adventure of Couchsurfing

Stay with Locals and Make New Friends
Couchsurfing—sleeping on someone’s couch or spare bed located via member Internet postings—results in in-depth travel experiences that can’t be found in a guidebook.
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Archive »Volunteer Travel

Traveling Volunteers

Doing Good During Time Away
From digging up fossils to planting flowers to feeding rescued animals, there’s a world of good we can do for ourselves and others, while on vacation.
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Archive »Eco Tours

Ditch the Hotel

Frugal Lodging Options from AirBnB to House Swapping
For a truly memorable vacation, try a yurt or castle via AirBnB, a house swap in Hawaii, or house sitting in London.
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Archive »Spiritual Journeys

Trekking as Pilgrimage

A Literal Path to Personal Growth
For causes ranging from climate change to spiritual insights, people are putting on their hiking boots and going the distance.
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Archive »Healing Wellness Retreats

Summer Mini-Getaways

Green Travelers Recharge at Spas, Parks and Vineyards
A getaway doesn’t have to last long to go deep. From train trips to retreat centers and green spas, a world of relaxation and renewal awaits us, close by home.

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