Letter from Publisher

Shannon Knight

Our May issue arrives with spring in the air and "Her Soul in Bloom: Self-Care for All Stages of Life,” Marlaina Donato's blissful feature on the importance of me-time.


I know you will be encouraged by Randy Kambic's interview, "Peter Sagal on Running Toward Mindfulness.” The popular National Public Radio host talks about healing a wounded psyche by unplugging and embracing the natural world—and you don't have to run a marathon to do it.


Speaking of the natural world, what better time of year to get the little ones out of the house? In "Gardening for Kids: The Fun of Growing Their Own,” Ronica A. O'Hara shows us how this helps grow healthy, veggie-loving kids, as well.


Fruits and vegetables are also the focus of Melinda Hemmelgarn's "Vision Quest: Eat a Rainbow of Color for Healthy Eyes."  Two specific nutrients have been shown to reduce the risk and slow the progression of cataracts and macular degeneration—the two most common age- and diet-related causes of vision loss.


We all know how smart it is to eat a plant-based diet, but did you know how smart plants are? People have been talking to plants for years, but the truth is that they talk to each other. April Thompson's "Plants Talk: Discover Their Secret Language" is a fascinating look at how they communicate to defend themselves and assist their neighbors in the most extraordinary ways.


There's plenty more for you dear readers to enjoy this month in this print edition, plus even more online! I encourage you to pick up extra copies to share with those important to you. They will all benefit from the tips, information, products and services focused on keeping them healthy, naturally.


Be well in love and peace,

Shannon Knight, Publisher

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