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Pray for Orlando

As I write, the tragic mass murder in Orlando in on my mind. Cathy and I are saddened by the loss of so many vibrant people gathered at a nightclub to dance, have fun and feel free to be themselves. Then hate again reared its ugly head, this time next door in a tight-knit community just like ours. Margaret Jones Bertone, a sister publisher of Natural Awakenings of Central Florida, shared, “Everyone I know has some connection with a victim.”  


Cathy and I pray for comfort and healing for the survivors, the loved ones of the victims and the heroic first responders. We pray for a healthier sense of restored balance for our friends and neighbors in Orlando. We pray for a permanent solution that will put an end to the evil that good people everywhere have witnessed far too often at home and abroad.


The swirling sensationalistic coverage of news events by mainstream media further emphasizes the continued importance of more deeply thoughtful media coverage, the kind most frequently found in independent media. Linda Sechrist explores how they work hard to bring us the truth, along with constructive solutions in her feature article, “Real News that Matters.”


I am a truth-seeker and supporter of independent media, being a longtime subscriber to some of the outlets mentioned, as well as others. As co-publisher of this magazine, I am proud to be on the independent bandwagon of fostering thought-provoking discussion and inspiration about issues that matter backed by a mission of supporting everyone’s natural right to health and happiness. Cathy and I are determined to help keep readers informed and bring attention to the bigger picture of hope and healing.


Be well in love and peace,


Shannon Knight, Co-Publisher

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