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Traditional Chinese Medicine at its Finest: Business Spotlight

Jul 07, 2016 03:28PM ● By Julie Peterson

Bo-Shih Ni and Lisa Forsythe

Ni's Chinese Medical Center has been treating people of all ages since 1991, when Bo-Shih Ni, LAc, DOM, came to the Sunshine State after practicing as an acupuncturist for 10 years in China. Now, with three locations in Florida and additional practitioners working beside him, Ni is living out his goal to bring the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the U.S.


TCM is not yet as well understood by most Americans as Western medicine. We are familiar with identifying a disease and treating the symptoms, but TCM takes a totally different view of maintaining or restoring health and wellness. It starts with the belief that the human body is a dynamic system and the mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. TCM treatment is designed to find balance and the healthy flow of life force, or chi, through the whole person.


In November 2012, Ni opened an office in The Villages and enhanced his practice when Lisa Forsythe, LAc, Dipl OM, joined his team of acupuncture practitioners. Her addition allowed for an increase in treatment hours for The Villages patients.


People commonly call Ni's Chinese Medical Center to ask if the center provides treatment for a particular illness. According to Business Manager Julie Kelbley, the answer is, “We treat everything that goes on with the human body. We don't treat symptoms, we look for the root cause of those symptoms and treat that. If you say you have pain or internal disease or arthritis, we look for why you have that condition and seek to adjust that imbalance in your system.”


Finding balance can involve a variety of methods and treatments. Using hair-thin acupuncture needles to stimulate locations along the 14 major energy channels that run through the human body stimulates the chi so any blockage or misdirection can be corrected. Imbalance of chi can be the root cause of pain, dysfunction in the body or general poor health. Restoring the balance allows the body to heal.


In cases where the body's energy is deficient, herbal medicines are prescribed to strengthen the energy system or treat specific issues. Ni's Chinese Medical Center has a unique raw herbal pharmacy that includes hundreds of herbs where the roots, barks, leaves and other natural plant, animal and mineral sourced materials are used to formulate prescription herb teas and capsules.


Chinese herbology is a science that has been refined over thousands of years and requires a specialized doctor that understands the properties of every herb and how they work when combined with other herbs. Each patient receives a unique prescription for their entire health condition. Ni's formulas are also inspected and tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in order to ensure safety. The herbal pharmacy gives the entire office a pleasing natural, green aroma, as opposed to the antiseptic atmosphere of most medical clinics.


Ni's in The Villages offers free health seminars one Wednesday afternoon each month, where attendees are treated to a seminar on a specific health issue with Q&A afterward. The next seminar is July 13 and will focus on the digestive system. Other popular topics have included pain, sports injuries, oncology support, arthritis and high blood pressure. Anyone may attend by calling the office and making a reservation. Ni's is always accepting new clients because, as Kelbley says, “Our patients are getting well and going on with their lives.”


Ni is in the office on Wed. and Forsythe is there Mon. through Fri. Ni's Chinese Medical Center is located at 1501 N. U.S. Hwy. 441, Ste. 1106, in The Villages. For more information, call 352-391-9266.


Julie Peterson is regular contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.