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A Coach That Gets It: Helen Kornblum with Natural Order Coaching & Organizing

Helen Kornblum, MA, owner of Natural Order Coaching & Organizing, is a trained life coach for kids and adults based in Gainesville who specializes in attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). She states, “I go to the homes of the kids/teens or meet them in a place such as the library or a coffee shop. Coaching adults is usually done by phone.


She opened her business in 2004 after taking classes approved by the International Coach Federation, knowing people that have difficulty with the linear thinking needed for keeping life organized would probably need special strategies.


“I started reading about chronic disorganization, attention deficit disorders, autism and Asperger’s syndrome, says Kornblum. The National Association of Professional Organizers and the Institute for Chronic Disorganization offer webinars and conferences for basic and advanced education. ADHD coaching has gained considerable recognition, so there are now amazing resources on the web and in the printed literature.”


She notes that people sometimes think that a coach is supposed to tell them what to do. “That doesn’t happen when you’re an ADHD coach,” she says. “Much of my training taught me how to listen. I’m looking for the immediate agenda (how can I make friends?) as well as the big agenda (how can I become the kind of person that people like?) My clients all know what they are ‘supposed’ to do; they often can’t get motivated to start or finish work that they find boring. One of my biggest responsibilities is to educate adults and teens so they learn that there’s an explanation for their behavior, but it cannot be used as an excuse. When I work with teens, I’m usually coaching the parents, too.”


Kornblum is not a therapist or a medical professional and says, “I don’t overstep boundaries. If a teen or adult is not ready for coaching, I’m the first to suggest that a different treatment might be needed. I also don’t take any stand in the medication controversies.”


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