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Florida Grub Hub Provides Essential Link

Florida Grub Hub (FGH) is the local consumer’s direct connection to Florida farmers. President Laura McCormick states, “Our farm partners produce local foods mindfully, ethically, honestly and with incredible pride. We visit our farmers and learn about their practices, methods, challenges and accomplishments so we can share that information with you. At FGH, we believe it is important to know where our food comes from and to support sustainable farming practices.”


McCormick, with Audrey Hamberger, in farmer relations, Joey Linde, warehouse manager, and Cheryl Tomlinson, sales team member, supply locally grown, source-identified, seasonal produce and naturally raised meats, as well as other Florida-made products that can be ordered online and delivered to home or office or purchased in their retail storefront.


“We are the only company providing source-identified produce and full transparency regarding the production of our Farm Partner’s products,” says McCormick. “We know our farmers, visit their farms, learn about their individual practices and procedures and pass that information along to our customers so they can make the best choices for them! We do not buy off the truck and we do not offer foods that are not accessible through our farm partners.”


Online ordering of seasonal, fresh produce, meats and other Florida-made products is available and all orders can be delivered to the customer’s home, business or a pickup location within the Marion and Alachua county area. A 9,100-square-foot local food hub is under construction in Reddick to serve as a centralized location for aggregation, washing, processing, packaging, labeling, storage and distribution of local products from approved farm partners.


“That community members realize the importance of supporting local farmers and knowing where their food comes from has been key to our success and growth, says McCormick. “Solid relationships in the North Central Florida area ranging from business leaders to consumers, educators and municipalities have helped us approach the business from all angles.” She notes that small-to-mid-size local farmers continue to be the catalyst behind the movement and the inspiration for all they do.


Farm to Table Chamber of Commerce After Hours brings together the Alachua and Marion County Chamber of Commerce, serving more than 400 members of the business community and sourcing from more than 10 local farmers. “Educating consumers about real food,” says McCormick. “Working with local processors and within USDA regulations and competing with large-scale, commercial producers and distributors and their food-like products and price points.”


Florida Grub Hob store is located at 304 S. Magnolia Ave., in Ocala. For more information, visit

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