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The Union of Thai Massage and Ayurveda

The techniques of Thai massage greatly benefit the healing process in an ayurvedic treatment, and the benefit of Thai massage is increased through a foundational knowledge of ayurvedic philosophy. The union of the two can be realized through lineage, awareness, skillful means and compassion.


Tracing the roots of each back 2,500 years, we come to the teachings of a single physician known as Jivaka Kumara (in Sanskrit), Shivago Komarpaj (in Thai), or Tsho-jed Shon-nu (in Tibetan). He was the physician disciple to the Buddha who helped preserve the well-being of the sangha (community) to develop the teachings on health care in the Vinaya and Sutras and to maintain the health of the Buddha himself.


Thai massage is a dance. It is the perfect union between yoga and massage. The real benefits can only be achieved when we acknowledge and experience interdependence. Both the practitioner and the receiver must work together to get a result, and there is a great potential for both to experience healing together.


Thai massage is a very holistic modality of bodywork. There is the potential to affect everything from the alignment of the body to the subtle blockages of the mind. It can also be used as a catalyst for initiate healing, so that the receiver can experience wellness by finding awareness of their pain and begin to heal it through adjustments in lifestyle.


Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage holds ongoing classes at 7120 NE 19th Ave., in Gainesville. For more information, call 813-417-6745 or visit

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