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Innovative Veterinary Care in Gainesville-Ocala

Oct 26, 2016 01:32PM ● By Martin Miron

Lynn S. Peck

Lynn S. Peck, DVM, MS, cICAK, provides holistic veterinary medical services for horses, dogs and cats in the Gainesville-Ocala area.  She earned her doctor of veterinary medicine degree at the University of Florida (UF), as well as a master of science degree in equine reproductive physiology.  She is also certified in Applied Kinesiology with the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), veterinary thermal technology with the American Academy of Thermology, as well as a geobiological (environmental electromagnetic field) consultant.


She states, “I had previously practiced conventionally for almost 10 years, and was looking for a different aspect of veterinary medicine, when I had the opportunity to study veterinary homeopathy. The experience completely changed my understanding of both health and disease, and started me on a path of pursuing a different type of healing for my patients.”


Peck has hundreds of hours of training in alternative therapies that include veterinary homeopathy, equine osteopathy, traditional Chinese veterinary medicine, therapeutic nutrition, saddle fitting and bodywork/soft tissue therapy. She is a senior instructor in Touch Balancing/Animal Bowen, a gentle and profound hands-on therapy which originated in Australia for humans and was adapted for use in animals by Carol Bennett, in Colorado. With more than 30 years of research experience at UF, Peck is currently collecting clinical data on and developing functional tests and treatments for neuromuscular weakness in horses due to injury, metabolic stress and chemical toxins.


For horses, Peck uses Applied Kinesiology and functional neurology-based evaluations of the overall animal to detect and treat subtle lameness, back pain, muscle weakness and old injury patterns, as well as thermal imaging (thermography) for identifying areas of possible injury, stress or muscle imbalance. Kinesiotaping, saddle fitting, environmental detoxification and insulin resistance testing and treatment are also offered to address other factors contributing to pain and performance problems.


She explains, “All these approaches are all important and work together, but Applied Kinesiology (AK) for neuromuscular problems is one of the most important tools I have. It allows me to find and correct pain, lameness and functional problems that cannot be detected with almost any other type of diagnostic testing or imaging.


“Thermal imaging  is the second-most important service I offer, as it complements AK and also allows me to quickly locate abnormal areas for further evaluation. Using these together, I have also been able to advance my clinical research for a better understanding of how groups of muscles turn on or off together in the presence of an injury to a single muscle.”



For small animals, wellness care includes vaccine titers and detoxification of environmental and vaccine chemicals; cancer risk assessment; nutritional therapy for skin, kidney and liver, and other problems; Applied Kinesiology, thermal imaging and bodywork for pain and muscle weakness problems; geriatric care; drug-free therapies for emotional trauma, thunderstorm phobia and separation anxiety. Peck also works with agility and other sport and working dogs to help maximize their performance.


“As a holistic veterinarian, I try to leave no stone unturned in looking for roots of disease, pain, and neuromuscular problems,” says Peck. “I have sought out many different types of training in order to understand, recognize and be able to address a wide range of factors involved in the problems my patients have, instead of offering only one or two approaches.”


Peck teaches Animal Bowen therapy workshops ( and is planning to schedule one in the area early next year.


For Micanopy Animal Hospital (small animal appointments), located at 306 NE U.S. Hwy. 441, Micanopy or mobile (equine) appointments, call 352-367-0709. For more information, visit

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