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Get Immediate Relief with Emotional Freedom Technique

May 31, 2017 08:03PM ● By Martin Miron

Sandra Wilson

Sandra Wilson is a certified advanced EFT practitioner and master hypnotist in Ocala. Energy tapping is also called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Wilson says, “Energy tapping is the easy, fast, painless method to bring about positive change by removing negative emotions and lifelong blocks to a better life. Clients experience results with the first session.”


She offers sessions in person by appointment only in the office, by phone or on FaceTime to remove negative emotions such as anger, guilt, fear and shame; to alleviate lingering grief and pain; to reduce stress and overwhelm; and to remove blocks to success in business or weight loss.


“While individuals can tap on their own issues and problems after learning the tapping technique, it is often more effective for them to work with a tapping practitioner initially to help them get to the specific issues more quickly,” she explains. “I think the time is right. People are searching for ways to feel better and are more open to non-traditional methods, especially ones that are quick, painless and easy to do themselves.”


“My biggest accomplishments are helping those who have suffered lingering grief after losing a loved one and those who have suffered pain long after healing from surgery.  Some clients have suffered for over a year. It’s great to hear them say they no longer hurt, and they leave the office smiling,” says Wilson. “Even though I get some referrals from medical professionals, tapping does not qualify for insurance reimbursement; therefore, clients are direct-pay.”


Wilson will be teaching a $20 EFT class from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., June 3, at Fairy Dust, Crystals & Such in Belleview. The class will cover the background of EFT and the basic EFT tapping recipe. She notes, “I will demonstrate the tapping with volunteers from those attending.” She is also offering tapping sessions there on Wednesday afternoons in June. 


Fairy Dust location: Almeida Plaza, S. Hwy, 441, Belleview. For all other appointments, call 352-454-8959. For more information, visit

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