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Catch a Dream at this Retreat for Kids

Aug 01, 2017 07:25PM

Dreamcatchers for the Soul Foundation, Inc., will host their fifth annual back-to-school Children of the Lotus Retreat from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 19, at the Miramar Multi-Service Complex. Children ages 5 though 18, will benefit from stress management and personal and educational development workshops spotlighting yoga, mindfulness, visioning, healthy cooking and eating, reiki, tai chi, financial literacy, filmmaking, broadcasting, improvisation and more.


Founder Pamella Reid sates, “Because today’s children are faced with high stakes standardized testing, a global obsession with social media, high-tech gadgets, fast food and counterproductive reality shows, they are highly distracted and unable to sit still, breathe and remain focused. By acknowledging their feelings and becoming fully present, children and their parents are exposed to learning about natural remedies to improve self-esteem, academic performance and overall well-being. We aid children and their families in understanding the role that mindfulness plays with stress reduction and how to use alternative approaches for living healthy lives: mind, body and soul.”


Admission is free. Location: 6700 Miramar Pkwy., Miramar. For more information, call Pamella Reidat 954-558-0632 or visit