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Summer is in Full Swing Now!

Dean and Shannon

Summer is in full swing now! Dean and I spent our summer vacation in North Central Iowa. It was wonderful to see Dean's folks. His dad is 95 years old and going strong, and we laughed and laughed with Dean's siblings. We also had serious political and historical conversations, something the Schmitt family does well. Relaxing on a boat ride, we ate lots of midwestern food and sincerely enjoyed seeing all the family. It was a refreshing, soulful experience.


One highlight was visiting the Surf Ballroom, in Clear Lake, the location of the final concert of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. Trekking through a corn field (it is Iowa after all!) we visited the plane crash site north of town where the three musicians and their pilot lost their lives one cold night in 1959. Although we’ve been going to Dean's family cabin for years, we'd never taken the time to see the markers. Although somber, it was well worth it to honor an important moment in history – “The day the music died” – and to be reminded to live each day to its fullest!


Vacations, days at the beach and hanging out in the pool will soon turn into days of getting the kiddos back to school. Our feature article this month, “Simplified Parenting,” shares tips for raising kids with less stress and more fun, less scheduling and more casual time, less “should” and more “want-to”, less second-guessing and more confidence.


Our Healing Ways offering, “Multilevel Healing,” explains how our own personal ecosystem of well-being embodies our mental, physical, behavioral, social, emotional and spiritual state of health; all keys to healing.


In our Inspiration department, find out how cultivating compassion and choosing kindness as a daily practice yields joy and peace for ourselves and others. We could all use more of that these days!


Be well in love and peace,




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