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Thermography Services on the Go

Aug 31, 2018 02:49PM ● By Martin Miron

Sherry Albert

Thermography For Life provides mobile digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) services that allow patients the opportunity for early intervention regarding cancer and many other illnesses. Tradition techniques such as static X-ray mammograms work differently and lack the capability to see ongoing physiological changes. Owner Sherry Albert received training from Meditherm, Inc., in Fort Myers and is certified by the American College of Clinical Thermography. Albert says, “Our Meditherm camera is the only thermography camera that is FDA-approved.”


The most unique aspect of her business is that she travels to each doctor’s office in central Florida. Albert notes, “I have several offices listed on my website that you may make appointments with. I have days open on my schedule and am looking for new doctors offices to provide thermography scans, so, if your doctor does not provide thermography, please give him my number so that he can provide thermography scans at the office.”


“Women hate having mammograms. They literally put off having mammograms because of the compression, pain and radiation, which is dangerous,” states Albert. “Thermograms are painless, with no radiation, and only take 15 minutes of their time.”


A thermogram, which records infrared (heat) radiation, can be taken of the whole body or just areas being investigated. “It is totally safe and risk-free for men and women, no matter the age or condition,” says Albert. “No doctor referrals are needed. Every family member should have a full-body scan once a year in order to discover and prevent disease and illness.”


Medical DITI is the only method available to visualize and assess pain and pathology anywhere in the body, and is a key tool in detecting and monitoring a multitude of diseases and physical injuries—not just cancer. “I am trying to meet with as many doctors as I can to teach them about thermography and have their patients have a full head-to-toe thermogram every year. The doctor can then see any underlying problems that the patient may have before it becomes a major issue. For instance, by seeing in the patients thermography scan that a person is a pre-diabetic, the doctor can suggest to the patient ways of changing their diet, etc., preventing major issues in the future. Or, if the scan show that the patient has clogged carotid arteries, they can refer the patient to a cardiologist,” reports Albert.


“My biggest challenge at this point is making more women aware that there is an alternative to mammograms, and that thermography can detect cancer in its early stages, way before a mammogram can detect cancer and way before the women become very ill. The other challenge is that insurance does not cover thermography; it is self-pay. So doctors do not recommend or even mention thermography to women for this reason. And because of this same reason, doctors do not know much about thermography and how it works,” says Albert. We need to educate our doctors and ask that they provide thermography or send patients to a location that does.


Albert advises, “Safeguard your health and your family by having a full-body scan today.”


For more information, call 352-346-2746 or visit

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