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Locally Sourced Sustainable Clean Meats


The Florida Fresh Meat Company produces and distributes a full line of local, humanly raised, sustainable and chemical-free gourmet meat products. Their motto is, “Feeding Our Community From Within Our Community.” Owner Jan Costa started a kosher meat company in 2009, and after a year of trial and error, decided to go into sustainable, grass-fed and chemical-free meats. So in 2010, with a pickup truck, a freezer of farm-raised and grass-fed beef and a George Foreman grill, Costa handed out samples at a local farmers’ market. The business has since grown into a network of local, family-run ranchers and farmers that supply the meat and Costa’s company does the processing, packaging and distribution.



Gourmet, grass-fed cattle are a result of a partnership with third- and fourth-generation cattlemen Danny Cowart (Cowart Ranch), John Tilton (JK Farms), Jackie Fields (Big Country Ranch) and more. The cattle are raised on a variety of gourmet grasses; clover, wheat, oat and rye grass, millet, perennial peanut and a variety of legumes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Once harvested, they are hung in an air-ventilated refrigerated locker for up to 28 days for a traditional dry-aging process that naturally tenderizes the meat and enhances its flavor. The meat is ground and cut into gourmet roasts, steaks and burger by master butchers.



Heritage Berkshire and Mangalitsa pigs are bred at Dennis and Robin Walton’s Farm, in Summerfield, then birthed and raised without boar interference at Bill and Annie Knox’ Stoneage Ranch, in Dunnelon. Pasture-raised lamb and goat are also from the Walton Farm, as well as support for local 4H clubs come county fair time.


The Wholesome Conversion Farm in Wiersdale, owned by Pastor Scott Moore, who runs the farm with his wife Melanie and daughter Samantha, produce pasture-raised heritage white chickens, pekin duck, broad breasted white turkey and brown pasture-raised eggs from their hybrid breed of ISA brown egg layers. These gourmet chickens start in in brooders, then mobile hoop houses for four to five weeks.


Costa sources and partners with many local ranchers and farmers throughout north central Florida, who pass the interview process. This insures a steady year round supply of high grade gourmet quality meats for customers and distributors.


The Florida Fresh Meat Company supplies gourmet meats to individuals and restaurants, including free-range grass-fed and finished Angus beef, pasture-raised pork, lamb, goat, chicken, duck, gator and rabbit. All participating farms operate chemical, hormone and antibiotic-free as well as free-range and grass-fed. Florida Fresh Meat Company is a certified USDA processing facility and is open to the public, the master butcher will butcher meat to order.


Costa continues to sell his gourmet meats at Haile Farmers’ Market, in Gainesville, every Saturday morning. His team goes to other markets across the state and he ships throughout the state. Visit Pi On Broadway and Feta Mediterranean Cuisine, both in Ocala, to try the gourmet meat.


The Florida Fresh Meat Company Is located at 13770 S. Hwy. 475, in Summerfield. For more information, call 352-566-8586, email [email protected] or visit

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