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A Man For All Seasons

 Brian Donnelly is the co-owner of Sun State Organics, Growmor and Herbal Crafters, in Indiantown. He says, “All three companies work together to grow, process and formulate wellness products. Our primary business is formulating personalized plant-based supplements from hair, blood or urine tests. Sun State Organics makes the growing systems that grow the plants, Growmor takes the plants, processes them and uses them in personalized, plant-based nutritional product, and Herbal Crafters uses the processed plants in plant-based supplements and herbal remedies. The companies were founded over the past nine years and four employees perform tasks as needed. Donnelly has an associate degree from Franklin University in architectural engineering.


They make Intermittent Fasting Diet kits, teas, functional supplements and produce. “While most companies in our niche sell products combined from others’ ingredients, we grow, process and produce unique personalized wellness products in a full circle approach. We make our own soils and fertilizers, grow in proprietary growing systems, produce nutritional products based on hair, blood or urine scans, make a range of functional supplements from teas and wildcrafted herbs, produce our own honey, produce dietary kits and pack and ship branded products for other companies.”


The immunity kit, a unique mixture of 100 percent organic herbs that have proven themselves throughout the centuries to provide great support in times of a health crisis, is a highly sought-after item. “As we are in the middle of a pandemic, it is our most important product. Packed with antioxidants, antifungal, antiviral, immune boosting vitamins and minerals, the immunity kit has proven itself to be of great benefit in troubled times.”


Over their short the history, the organization has garnered many distinctions and awards, including one of the top 100 sustainable companies in the World from Sustainia; operating one of the largest household waste recycling facilities in the world and becoming the first company to pass Minnesota Class 1 compost standards; pioneering the first environmental component to the Olympic games, and a golden shovel award from the Florida Department of Agriculture.


“We challenge ourselves daily through creating new products, maintaining a global supply chain and inventing new ways to help people with a myriad of conditions,” says Donnelly. “We have all bases covered when it comes to growing, processing and formulating in-house and an ability to turn on a dime to adapt to any shift in the market. We are blessed to be located in Indiantown, where many of our ingredients come from, and have thousands of acres to draw from in our wildcrafting. Our global wealth of experience enables us to do many things other companies only dream of.”


Through flavor matrixing and unique, new superfoods, Donnelly seeks to change the paradigm of how food positively affects people’s health, vowing, “We are constantly in search of the newest superfoods to incorporate into our formulations, expanding the varieties. We will create new and wonderful products with the help of highly awarded industry people and change the way people view nutrition.”



Location: 7337 W. Anthony Rd., Ocala. For more information, visit, and






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