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Pamela Pedrick Coaching, Ocala: Customized Weight-Loss Solutions

Pamela Pedrick coaches busy, stressed women to get to their optimal weight for their unique bodies without dieting or depriving themselves. She is a registered nurse and certified health coach with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and English literature, a master’s degree in counseling and an associate degree in nursing. Pedrick ranked in the top three for Health Coaches in Ocala Magazine’s Best of the Best 2018. She is the featured expert on “Lose Weight Now,” in the bestselling book, The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know: Top Experts Reveal Their Best Strategies to Help You Be the Best Mom You Can Be and the featured expert on “Holistic Health for Increased Energy” in the book The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs to Know.


The owner of Pamela Pedrick Coaching says, “Women have been programmed to believe that weight loss is all about the foods they are eating. However, there are other factors that affect weight. So, when women go from diet to diet and gain the weigh back, they end up feeling frustrated and alone. My clients learn to love their beautiful bodies no matter their size, and to no longer see their bodies as the enemy. Together, we discover what their hidden obstacles to losing weight are.”


She offers an individualized Real Deal weight loss program. “My graduates leave with a toolkit with various tools they can implement to keep the weight off. Food is just one part of weight loss. Stress and lack of good sleep affect certain hormones that induce hunger and cravings. My program gives women strategies to sleep better and to cope better with the stressors in their lives.  My clients learn and accept that they are not failures, that the diet industry has failed them,” advises Pedrick. “I am committed to helping you reach your optimal weight without dieting or depriving yourself.”


Health and wellness services include weight loss programs (Real Deal Weight Loss Program), stress management (From Stressed to Calm) and ending stress/emotional eating (The Food Freedom Transformation Program), increased energy (The Total Energy Transformation Program).


There is no one eating plan that works for everyone. In her programs, clients learn strategies to better cope with and lower their stress level to sleep better, which rebalances hunger hormones and eases their frustration. Past trauma is also an impetus for emotional eating, gaining weight and keeping it on. Pedrick says, “This is not a diet. The focus is not on food. We women have been programmed by the diet industry to focus on what we eat.”


Pedrick live streams on Facebook (@coachpamelapedrick) and Instagram (@pamelapedrick) and posts on Tiktok (@pamelapedrick-rn-chc) with tips and strategies for weight loss.


A free Fall into Weight Loss Challenge is beginning on Oct, 7. Register at Pamela Pedrick Coaching is located in Ocala. For more information, call 407-227-9077, email [email protected] or visit






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