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Coronavirus Breakthrough in Ocala

Doctors at AdventHealth Ocala have treated patients with a combination of four types of drugs under the acronym ICAM with a success rate of 96.4 percent. It uses immunosupport drugs (vitamin C and zinc), corticosteroids against inflammation, anticoagulants against blood clots and macrolides to help fight infection. The COVID-19 therapy is designed to boost the immune system while preventing inflammation in the lungs.


A clinical trial is underway to prove the findings. If it’s found to be safe and effective, ICAM therapy might be used on COVID-19 patients without the need to hospitalize them. Doctors worldwide have been studying all sorts of therapies to manage COVID-19 and reduce complications.


Dr. Carlette Norwood-Williams, director of pharmacy at AdventHealth Ocala, says, “We had no need for mechanical ventilation, and the patients all survived the discharge regardless of age and regardless of past medical history The ICAM protocol has the potential to trigger the reopening of the country. “We will know the next step after our outpatient study.” A clinical trial is planned with the Marion County Health Department and Heart of Florida Health Centers to provide outpatient treatment for adults.


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