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Shop Local with The Shoogie Company

Olivia Ortiz is the owner and operator of The Shoogie Company, a manufacturer of personal care products. She says, “After a scare in 2007 involving a lump in my armpit area during a breast exam at the doc’s office which ended up being a toxic build-up of aluminum from conventional deodorants, I began making Shoogie products for family first and then others to live a healthier, chemical free lifestyle. All of the products are 100 percent natural, almost totally organic, made in Ocala and good for you. And if you are a vegan, just ask. Most of my products are already vegan, but I can also make any of my products vegan that aren’t already.”


Shoogie products are for sale online and at Bricky City Spa, and soon in two downtown shops in Ocala. “Brick City Spa features a Shoogie Facial as part of their spa services, which is an amazing way to try out a ton of the Shoogie line in one fell swoop. Since COVID, my best seller has been the I Miss Your Face kits ($25). It features a facial cleansing soap, mask of the month and the Youthful Radiance Moisturizer, which is amazing for all skin types,” says Ortiz. “Purchasers get a Zoom code with the mask and they join us on Sunday afternoons for a Zoom facial together where we talk about their skin needs and just hang out. It is a fantastic way to also meet new friends without leaving your house. I think it is a best-seller because we are all craving that human interaction and still want to gather in a safe manner.”



She explains, “Not only do Shoogie products work, but they are different from other natural products because they smell delicious when you put them on and reflect my love of baking and cooking. One of the services I offer is the ability to customize my products to your own favorite scent blend if you are interested in creating your own beauty and personal care products that smell unique. Not only are my products free of chemicals, but they are made with fresh, food-grade, all natural ingredients, and no unnatural preservatives are used. The made-on date on the bottom or side of the product tells you when I made it, and it should be consumed within six months of this date. It is best to store them in a cosmetic fridge or in your home fridge if you can, as it extends their shelf life.”


To assure purity, Ortiz sources products that are for a good cause from small or certified organic farms, noting, “I like to highlight the source of the Shea butter I use in almost every recipe. It is from Ghana and Burkina Faso, Africa, and gives jobs to over 4 million women. It provides economic sustenance and a sense of pride, giving them the respect of their family and the right to speak out in the community. Shea butter production also gives them the ability to spend time with their families, as they often gather with the women and children in the village to gather, smash, roast and grind the nuts into the butter we use, all while talking and singing. This is something that is close to my heart as a female business owner, as well.”


She believes using natural skincare that works is good for the environment because the carbon footprint is lower due to some ingredients being locally sourced. Plus, it is biodegradable and just safer for humans and pets. “I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a small child accidentally eating any store-bought deodorant, but ours are made with food-grade ingredients, the same goes for all our unscented products.


“I think once cannabis products are legalized in more places, I think we will see an increase of these trendy ingredients in our skincare products. The addition of things like hemp, CBD and THC into skincare and makeup can be beneficial to our bodies,” advises Ortiz.


Black Friday begins the season of holiday sales at Shoogie Company. Ortiz boasts, “I also make beautiful gift boxes for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, girls’ days, Valentine’s Day and self-care. Once the [planned] mobile unit is complete, I will be able to offer full-service mobile facials and massage, in addition to everything else.”


The Shoogie Company is located at 33 Sunrise Dr., in Ocala. Place orders at

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