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See the Real Florida with Captain Spalding

Capt. Jodi Spaulding is the single woman business owner of Nature Coast Eco Tours. Her motto is, “Connecting people with nature off the beaten path. See the Real Florida.” She is a certified and licensed master captain, lifeguard, Florida master naturalist and a member of the Florida Native Plant Society for eight years. Spaulding has volunteered more than 500 hours with the State Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Commission, learning about environmental issues and impacts in Florida. She says, “Environmental education and interpretation is the foundation of my business. I strive to spread knowledge and passion to my guests through the tours and adventures I provide.”


Services include boat rides, scalloping tours, island adventures, kayak guided tours, camp and kayak excursions and hiking tours, as well as unique seasonal tours such as bioluminescence kayaking tours, full moon and meteor shower cruises and paddles over all of West Central Florida.


Spaulding relates, “I started my business in October 2017 out of passion to show and teach people the hidden gems we have here in Florida and to teach why it is important to protect and conserve our environment. I was born and raised in Florida, where I developed a love and passion for our diverse ecosystems and wildlife. As a child, I explored and learned the area very well.”


She explains, “Florida is a very beautiful state to live in! We are all very attracted to the beauty that surrounds us. It is so very important for us as residents to come together and protect the ecological health and natural beauty that surrounds us. Once it is gone, it cannot be replaced at any price. The first step in making a difference is spreading the word and teaching our youth to be good stewards of the environment. Our kids are the future! If we teach them to love and respect the environment now, they will set a good example for future generations.”


Spaulding believes what makes Florida special are the many lakes, springs, rivers and beaches that around the state and the many different species of wildlife that depend on the waterways. She shares, “Manatees are definitely one of the most popular and magnificent aquatic mammals that call this home! Manatees are very humble and docile. They are naturally curious and depend on our springs to survive during the winter months. It is up to us to help protect them by respecting their natural habitat and being responsible boaters on the water.” If Those interested in learning more about manatees can take advantage of a manatee observation boat ride or guided kayak tour.



For more information about Nature Coast Eco Tours, call 352-422-1122 or visit