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Overcoming the Mental Health Stigma

Gainesville Healing House is a psychotherapy practice providing empirically validated treatment for people struggling with mental health concerns. The staff is comprised of clinicians licensed or registered in the state of Florida. Kelly Nenezian founded Gainesville Healing house in 2015. Individual, couple, and family psychotherapy services are available via teletherapy and in-person sessions. They take Aetna insurance in network. All other insurance companies are billed as requested as an out-of-network service.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a substantial increase in stress. Nenezian says, “This is a tough time emotionally for many of us. Whatever sense of stability and safety we had was taken abruptly and unapologetically. We are all living in a traumatic experience. We have seen an increase in people struggling with fear, loneliness, grief, and identity.”


Gainesville Healing House offers an integrated approach to healing. “We understand that mental health effects the physical health and physical health effects the mental health, advises Nenezian. “We are passionate about the mind-body connection and utilize this in many of our treatment modalities to allow for deep-level healing so change can be sustainable.”


She notes, “We specialize in trauma work. Usually, clients come to us following other therapy experiences that helped, but something was missing in their healing journey. Our specialty is taking healing to a deeper level. We are patient and don’t rush the process. We go at the client’s pace. Our biggest accomplishments are rooted in the gratitude we receive when people are able to move forward with clarity, healing, self-compassion and self-love.”


Nenezian relates that the stigma related to mental health and emotional healing is prominent. “It is tough to get people in the door at times due to this stigma.” She says.  “Oftentimes, the individuals brave enough to come through our door are already having to cope with the shame and fear related to just getting the help and healing they deserve. This is a difficult process.”


Gainesville Healing House recently started a telehealth depression group for young adults. “We noticed a significant increase in depression in this age group during the pandemic and wanted to give a place for connection to these individuals,” says Nenezian. “The group may stay online or go to an in-person group once the pandemic is over. We will let group members decide. We will continue to offer group, family, couples, and individual psychotherapy services for all ages. We hope to continue to help people light their path.”


Gainesville Healing House is located at 1810 NW 6th St., Ste. E, Gainesville, For more information, visit