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Halo Health - A Path to a Healthier Life

Dr. Heather Hardin, Pharm.D., BCACP, received a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida and is board certified in ambulatory care by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties. She is the owner of Halo Health, Services since 2018, which sells pharmacist-formulated, organic CBD products


Each client receives a free initial clinical pharmacist consultation as they begin using the cannabidiol (CBD) products and are continually monitored as they continue treatment. Hardin says, “As a clinical pharmacist and ambulatory care specialist, I clinically assess if CBD would be a safe option for each client. If so, I provide assistance with choosing the most effective product for their condition and assist with adjusting doses throughout treatment to provide the safest and most effective treatment. All of this is provided free of charge with the purchase of Halo Health products.”


She notes that CBD has been proven to treat stress, discomfort and skin conditions, has no major side effects, does not cause a “high” feeling and does not test positive on a drug test for marijuana.


“I started Halo Health to help my clients get healthier, reach a higher level of wellness and find greater joy in their lives. I view my clients holistically, treating their conditions by assuring safe and effective medication use, identifying the most beneficial supplements and vitamins, guiding nutrition and fitness plans, and addressing mental health challenges that prohibit them from reaching their personal wellness goals,” says Hardin.


“It is always best to consult with a clinical pharmacist such as myself before taking or using any CBD product. I provide a full clinical assessment of current medications and conditions as they relate to CBD. My products are pharmacist-formulated, organic CBD products of the highest quality, grown right here in Florida. After your purchase, we remain connected for continued monitoring and guidance as you begin and continue your regimen,” she advises.


CBD products include CBD broad spectrum oil, vegan CBD gummies, CBD topical intensive rub cream, CBD bath bombs and CBD (cannabigerol) oil. They are pesticide and harsh chemical-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and made with good manufacturing practices.


Hardin also offers clinical pharmacist consulting services and says, “Helping patients manage their medications and conditions in a safe and effective manner, I address not only medications use, but also nutrition, fitness, mental health, yoga and meditation to achieve optimum wellness and life satisfaction. Most of my work is virtual via video medication consulting or phone consulting.”


Hardin explains, “I am more than just a CBD dispensary. With my pharmacy training, I bring my medical guidance to each client assuring safe and effective use of my product for each individual. Being in the healthcare field for over 15 years, I have seen my share of over-prescribing and polypharmacy, leading to a cascade of excessive medication use. I have found in my practice that most patients have one major question; ‘How do I get off of all of these medications?’ As a ‘deprescribing’ pharmacist, I work with my clients to safely and naturally decrease medication use by helping them achieve better overall health in a more natural and holistic manner, decreasing their dependency on medications.”


Halo Health CBD is located at 8611 SW 92nd Lane, Gainesville. For more information, call 352-359-5518 or visit Halo Health CBD.