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Natural Treatments for Holistic Heath Solutions

Symphony Healthcare was founded by Debora Donahue, APRN-BC, in December 2012. They provide functional medical care focused on getting to the root cause of symptoms. The Ocala IV Club opened  in October 2020 to offer IV nutrition, energy injections and hormone services, including hormone pellet therapy. She specializes in thyroid, hormone and autoimmune disorders, particularly in getting to the root cause of disease and assisting patients to reduce dependence on prescription medications for gut health, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver and more.


Donahue is a family nurse practitioner certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Indiana University, a pediatric nurse practitioner master’s degree from Indiana University and a post-master’s family nurse practitioner degree from the University of Indianapolis with continuing education in functional medicine. She has full-practice authority as a nurse practitioner in Florida.


“I experienced adrenal and thyroid dysfunction that caused problems in my personal and family life,” she relates. “I found traditional Western medicine lacking in understanding of what I was going through. I was determined to learn how to help myself, so I began studying functional medicine analysis, diagnostic methods and treatments. I began to recover my health and energy, and my patients were also seeing amazing results.”


Donahue offers consultation packages to provide individualized attention and analysis for complex health concerns that can be done in person or via telemedicine. She also uses bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, hormone pellet therapy, low-dose naltrexone and medically supervised weight management programs. The Ocala IV Club offers IV nutrition drips, IV glutathione and energy injections. Other services include lab draw services, mole removal, trigger point injections using homeopathic product, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and an infrared/red light bed. Medical-grade supplements and high-quality cannabidiol products are available through the office or their online platform.


Donahue sees patients from all over Florida in person and via telemedicine, takes most insurance plans, does consultations, reviews labs and testing from other providers and works with a patient’s current doctors in a team effort to encourage healing and wellness. “We create individualized treatment plans, offer educational materials, and fine-tune your plan as needed,” she advises.


“Using a holistic approach will get to the root cause of a problem instead of using a Band-Aid approach to cover up or stop a particular symptom. I find that the body is giving cues in the form of symptoms. When we listen to the body and find the system and processes that cause that symptom, we can work to resolve the cause and help the body heal,” Donahue explains. “Patients often report they still don’t feel well or they lack energy and vitality, even though they were given a pill by a doctor for that particular symptom. This tells me the pill is not treating the root cause of their problem.”


As for the future of health care, she says, “I see more of my patients interested in natural treatments. They are reading articles and doing their research, asking great questions and looking for the testing that can give better answers than the traditional screening lab work.”



Symphony Healthcare, Inc./Ocala IV Club is located at 1317 SE 25th Loop, Ste. 101, in Ocala. For appointments and more information, call 352-629-5939 or visit and