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Only Healthy Fare at Bambi’s Café

Bambi Liss, the owner of Bambi’s Café, is a vegetarian and macrobiotic chef who specializes in whole foods cooking. She grows vegetables and fruit on a small farm using organic methods and drip irrigation to save water. She says, “We support and use local organic farmers’ produce, too. I have two certificates for studying Permaculture 1 and 2. At Bambi’s Café, folks come in for lunch and are surprised at the deliciousness of our 100 percent plant-based menu, where we have no animal products in our food.”


The café will celebrate its fourth anniversary in March, but Liss started on her path long before then. She recalls, “I have always found myself in the natural foods businesses from starting a macrobiotic delivery service back in the 1990s in  the Philadelphia area. I discovered then the difference that whole foods cooking can have on our health.


Competing with mainstream dining establishments has proven successful, as Liss notes, “We are a small business with a commitment and dedication to educating folks by serving delicious food free of harmful animal proteins and toxins. For those looking to eat super clean whole grain, bean and vegetable-based, we do have a five day a week meal plan that supports those wishing to eat to really enhance energy and digestion.


“It takes an incredible amount of water and land, leaving many nitrates in our water and air, to raise beef and poultry. Also, these products are loaded with cholesterol and fat that are very difficult to digest, wreaking havoc on your organs and digestive system.”


Keeping offerings updated is important, too. “Our menu is seasonal, and as winter greens come in, we love to serve our southern comfort and marinated salads,” says Liss. “We stay true to our core values of fresh and organic produce, grains and beans and use organic oils, sweeteners in our baked goods and meals.”


Liss will be attending the Critter Creek Farm Market with hot soups such as local cream of shitake mushroom and local cream of broccoli, their own Meyer’s lemonade and local organic Sweetwater coffee.


Bambi's Cafe is located at 18592 High Springs Main St., in High Springs,. For more information, call 386-454-1600 or visit