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The Source for Sustainable Weddings and More

Pine and Petal Weddings/Pine and Petal Market supplies both traditional and eco-friendly products that can be reused by other brides. Some of their delicate flowers are made from organic, eco-friendly materials, including a soft, delicate sola wood, paper (i.e., book pages, music sheets, comics, etc.), accented using faux silk and dried or preserved natural materials, including delicate wood that regrows sustainably.



Owner Tiffany Adams says, “We create beautiful, lasting floral keepsakes for weddings, events, celebrations and home décor out of wood, faux fillers and dried preserved foliage. She started Pine and Petal in 2015 while looking for faux flower alternatives for her wedding and holds a certificate in graphic and web design, an associate degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in design management. She will be attending the Florida Wedding Expo on February 28 in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center.


They offer wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair combs, floral crowns, headbands, carrying hoops, flowers for dog collars, flower girl accessories such as headbands, carrying hoops, wands, pomander balls and junior-size bouquets, centerpieces, arch pieces, pew arrangements, home décor arrangements and arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events.



Adams says, “We provide an alternative to the mainstream without sacrificing the quality or look of real flowers. Our flowers also last, which adds additional value of not having to throw out flowers that you spend a lot of money on after a few days, and they provide beauty and joy all year-round. Customization, variety and personalization are hallmarks of what make our company exciting and fun. You can choose your own flower styles, colors, foliage, wrappings, backings, designs, vases and much more.”



All creations are handmade and designed to last as special keepsakes. They will never go out of season, and faux foliage is hypoallergenic. There more than 80 colors and 50 flower styles to choose from. Free scenting can mimic real flowers or smell like a cupcake, pumpkin pie, mistletoe, lemon or birthday cake. They can also replicate bouquets from heirloom events and ship nationwide. Orders are kept on file for convenience in the future.


Pine and Petal Weddings is located at 1736 NE 25th Ave., in Ocala, For orders or more information, call 321-754-8740 or visit and