Root Canals and Whole Body Health

microscopic view of molar dentin

For decades now, chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases have been increasing in developed countries, but the cause is unclear. Holistic doctors and dentists experience clear improvement when root-treated teeth and other “interference zones” in the mouth are directly treated and the immune system is strengthened.


A root canal-treated tooth is a dead tooth, which was once an organ with its own nerve and blood supply, and remains in the mouth as a dead pillar. It is populated by myriad, partly unknown species of anaerobic, pathogenic bacteria that decompose the remaining organic tissue and secrete harmful metabolic toxins. The two or three filled root canals required can be described as an imperfect result, as there are thousands of additional side canals through which the tooth communicates with the lymphatic and meridian systems.


These are usually five micrometers in diameter and the bacterial strains are only two micrometers; they can therefore nestle perfectly in the canals, while the macrophages which are supposed to repel them are 20 micrometers in diameter. They can never fully accomplish their defensive tasks because they cannot penetrate into the tiny root canals.


Some these bacterial strains are known to attack the heart, nervous system, kidneys, brain and the sinus cavity, producing potentially carcinogenic hydrogen sulfide compounds thioether and mercaptan, known as cadaveric poison. They inhibit important enzymes in the respiratory chain, leading to the death of mitochondria in the cell and eventually, the death of the cell.


During our daily average of 15,000 chewing processes per day, these bacteria and many others release their toxins into the surrounding tissue via the lymphatic system. From there, the toxins enter the bloodstream causing focal inflammation and spread throughout the body. This physical strain, also known as “silent inflammation”, persists around the clock and should be eliminated by all means necessary.


The interference field concept in the human organism assumes that an inflammatory process in a particular region of the body can lead to therapy resistance, or chronification. Up to 70 percent of chronic illnesses are connected to interference fields in the oral cavity. Biological treatment concepts and protocols point to an entirely new path for the future of biological medicine.


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