Happy Birthday!

September has always been a big month for me – it’s not only my birthday month, but also my mom’s and my sister’s! Happy Birthday Brooke and Ashley - the two strong, brave, loving and beautiful women who have influence me my entire life!


September is also always a big month at Natural Awakenings because it’s our annual yoga issue. I know you will be pleased with the articles we have for you such as our Fit Body piece, “Why Our Body Loves Yoga,” and Inspiration department, “Yoga Meets Life’s Essential Questions,” by local Temple of the Universe legend Mickey Singer.


Check out our feature article, “Forever Flexible,” which shares natural approaches to joint health and see how creaky knees, sore hips, shoulder pain or a stiff neck can be a thing of the past.


September always makes me think of the start of school, so If you’re looking for new and exciting lunch ideas for the kids, you will love the ideas in the Healthy Kids department, “Build a Bento Box Lunch for Kids,” to see how to pack five different foods together for fun, flavor and health.


With Florida’s growing concern over the health of our waterways and oceans, I found Chef Rick Moonen’s Wise Words essay on why buying sustainable seafood matters particularly timely.


I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I do!


Be well in love and peace,



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