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Founded 2020

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Dr. Janice C. Brown

Better Health and Rehab, LLC

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With the new year soon upon us and the need for improving of one's health whether it is weight loss, getting your diabetes under control, or simply feeling better, now is the time to take action. Dr. Brown is offering 30 minute exploration calls to determine if she can assist you with your health concerns. Please note that Better Health and Rehab, LLC does offer telehealth services.

This offer will go from Friday 12/4/20 to Friday, 1/15/21. Dr. Brown will not offer medical advice. Anything that is discussed via phone is not considered medical advice. A phone call does not guarantee that you are a patient of Better Health And Rehab, LLC. If you call with an issue that Dr. Brown determines to be of an urgent nature, she will direct you to seek medical advice immediately and end the phone conversation. Dr. Brown will not be held liable for any actions taken by the person of their own accord based on the content discussed during the exploration call.